Big Book of Illinois Ghost Stories --  More than 70 Haunted Places and Ghostly Tales, including many that that have never appeared in print before! From Illinois' leading author on the paranormal comes this treasury of haunted locations from the Prairie State! Traveling throughout the state, Troy Taylor delves into the desolate dwellings, ghostly graveyards, haunted cities and spirit-infested prairies of Illinois. Combining thrilling tales with historic research, the book takes a spine-tingling look at a part of the state’s history that few of the inhabitants ever see.  Discover the dark history, haunted places and strange regions of the state, including southern Illinois’ most famous haunts, ghosts along the river in southwestern Illinois, ghosts of the prairie, hauntings of northern Illinois and of course, tales from Chicago --- the most haunted city in America. You may think you know the haunted places of Illinois but until you read this book, you might never know what you have been missing! Hardcover Only: $22.00

Haunted Illinois --
What makes Illinois so haunted? Most believe that it's the history of the state itself. Ghosts and hauntings are born of from violence, murder and bloodshed. The tragedies of yesterday so often become the ghost stories of today. Even from its very beginning, Illinois was a place where death was commonplace and unsolved mysteries thrived. In this volume from Stackpole Books, author Troy Taylor visits the many hauntings of Illinois and takes readers on a trip that travels through the legends and lore of this eerie and sometimes terrifying state, revealing stories and locations that are both old favorites and those that have never appeared in print before! Paperback: $10.00

Big Book of Missouri Ghost Stories -- More than 50 tales of ghosts and hauntings from across the Show Me State!
Supernatural historian Troy Taylor delves into the legends of lore of Missouri in thrilling takes of history and hauntings that date back more than two centuries! From the mysterious channeling of Patience Worth to the restless spirits of blood-soaked massacres, this latest book will keep you up well past your bedtime! Discover the spirits of St. Louis from the Lemps to the infamous 1949 exorcism; Ghosts of St. Charles, Ravenswood, Meramec Caverns and Daniel Boone; travel along the Mississippi for a myriad of haunts; Meet Mo-Mo the Monster face-to-face; journey down to the Ozark region in search of the Hornet Spook Light, the headless ghost of Murder Rocks, Baldknobbers and the ghosts of the Young Brothers Massacre; then hunt for the phantoms of Pilot Knob, Potosi, the Ray County Poor Farm, the Jesse James farm, Kansas City's Union Station and Much More! Hardcover Only: $22.00

Haunted Missouri -- Missouri is a place of great diversity and amazing beauty, stretching from the Mississippi River to the forests and rolling hills of the Ozarks, with caves, rivers and rugged woodland in between. Out of this land comes scores of ghostly tales, from documented hauntings to folk stories that have been passed along from one generation to the next. This book is a collection of the best of these frightening tales, presented with all of the history, lore, blood and passion that marks the writings of author Troy Taylor! From old stories to new, from little-known haunts to old favorites, Haunted Missouri is presented in a way that you have never experienced before! Haunted tales include The Lemp Mansion, Jefferson Barracks, Zombie Road, Hannibal Haunts, Mark Twain Cave, Hunter-Dawson House, Ghosts of Cape Girardeau, Wilson's Creek Battlefield, Peace Church Cemetery, Pythian Castle, Stephens College, The legendary Elms, and Much More! Paperback: $10.00

True Crime Illinois --
Illinois was in many ways born in blood. From the early days of piracy to twentieth-century mob massacres, the Prairie State has been plagued by some of the worst crimes in history. In this  blood-soaked title from Stackpole Books, author Troy Taylor presents a disturbing overview of Illinois' most notorious crimes, from child killers to serial murderers to spree crimes that are still spoken of in whispers today. This chilling book examines the state's most sensational criminal cases -- the "Murder Castle" of H.H. Holmes, the intellectual thrill killers Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, the bloody St. Valentine's Day Massacre involving Al Capone's South Side mob and Bugs Moran's North Side gang, the eight nurses brutally butchered by Richard Speck, the horrifying rape and slaughter of 33 young men by "Killer Clown" John Wayne Gacy, and more. Paperback: $10.00 

Monsters of Illinois --
A Collection of the Most Bizarre Beasts and Strange Figures in Illinois History!
Author Troy Taylor, long known for his dozens of books on the history, hauntings and crimes of Illinois, turns his attention to the strange, bizarre and mysterious monsters of the state. For centuries, Illinois has been visited by unexplained oddities from Bigfoot to giant Thunderbirds, phantom panthers, water creatures, vanishing lions, inexplicable attackers and more! Delve into the mysteries of the Big Muddy Monster, the Enfield Horror, Nellie the Lion, the enigmatic Piasa Bird, the Blue Phantom, the unexplained Lawndale Thunderbird Attack, the Mad Gasser of Mattoon and many others.... Don't miss out on this weird and amazing departure from the author's usual works, which includes stories, historic accounts, eyewitness reports and strange tales that have never appeared in print before! This is a book that will have you wondering what's lurking outside your back door! Paperback: $10.00 
Wicked Northern Illinois -- The Dark Side of the Prairie State

"Illinois is the hiding place for villains from every  part of the United States and, indeed, from every quarter of the globe. A majority of the settlers have been discharged from penitentiaries and jails or have been victims of misfortune or imprudence. Many of those will reform, but many, very many, are made fit for robbery and murder." - A traveler describing Illinois in the middle 1800s

In another bloody title from History Press, author Troy Taylor reveals the secret underbelly of Illinois' prairie in a book that promises to uncover the mysteries, murders and mayhem of the Central and Northern sections of the state. From the secrets of Joliet Penitentiary to the ferocious gunfights between the Ku Klux Klan and the Shelton gang, Taylor takes the measure of dishonest sweat and innocent blood poured into the heart of Illinois. Meet the "fallen angels" of Decatur's notorious red-light districts, the Springfield counterfeiters who bungled the stealing of Abraham Lincoln's bones, the Aurora man who propped up his porch with a concrete block contained the severed heads of his wife and brother-in-law, the killers of one of Illinois' most prominent early residents, the bandits, thieves and outlaws who once prowled the state, the famous baseball pitcher who became one of America's first murderous professional sports figures, the mysterious Mildred Allison -- the body by the railroad tracks, the infamous Starved Rock killer and others! Don't miss this chilling title from the author who isn't afraid to dip his pen into blood! $12.00

Wicked Decatur -- Murder, Scandal and Sin on the Illinois Prairie

We have it direct from the officers that the city is infested with large numbers of crooks, and we deem it wise that our citizens should be warned.
- Editor of the Decatur Bulletin-Sentinel, 1895

In another bloody, crime-riddled title from History Press, author Troy Taylor returns to his hometown of Decatur, Illinois one last time and reveals the murder, mysteries and mayhem of a city that was known as both "Hell's Half Acre" and the "Second Most Corrupt City in Illinois"! He reveals the scandals and sins of the city, where murder, bootlegging, prostitution, kidnapping, gambling and political corruption and uncovers a series of homicides that remain unsolved to this day. Uncovering tales that were told by city police officers, like Taylor's own great-grandfather, he presents a rogue's gallery of killers and thieves that helped to give Decatur it's reputation as a "wide open" town for decades. From the vice districts like Merchant Street and the Levee, to the ill-fated sporting houses of the Red Light Distict, the gamblers, murder and mayhem on the railroads, the most vicious murders in the city's history and much more, Taylor once again presents a blood-soaked chronicle of Illinois history! Don't miss out on what promises to be one of the author's most chilling crime titles so far! $18.00

Haunted New Orleans: History & Hauntings of the Crescent City -- New Orleans -- the birthplace of jazz, home of Cafe Du Monde and what some call the most haunted city in America. Beneath the indulgence and revelry of the Crescent City lies a long history of the dark, the deadly and the mysterious. Thrill to tales of early New Orleans, from pirates to prostitutes to ghosts and see what strange stories emerged from the days of the early settlers -- from the days of slavery, to stories of gambling, murder, absinthe and rituals of death. Be frightened of the  famous "Queen of Voodoo", Marie Laveau, who is said to still weave a sinister spell over the city, and of the Lalauries, whose true natures were hidden behind the trappings of Creole society, New Orleans is filled with spirits and hauntings of all kinds. In this book, a new edition of the classic volume from supernatural historian Troy Taylor, you'll discover spirits with bloody and scandalous histories and those who simply refused to leave their beloved city behind. Join the author as he takes the readers into the depths of the French Quarter and reveals a side of New Orleans that few ever truly get to see!  $17.00

Wicked New Orleans: The Dark Side of the Big Easy -- Since as early as the 1700s, New Orleans has been a city filled with sin and vice. Those first pioneering citizens of the Big Easy were thieves, vagabonds and criminals of all kinds. By the time Louisiana fell under American control, New Orleans had become a city of debauchery and corruption, camouflaged by decadence. It was also considered one of the country's most dangerous cities, with a reputation for crime and loose morals. Rampant gambling and prostitution were commonplace in New Orleans of the 1800s and most of the French Quarter was a hotbed for sin.Tales in this volume include the notorious Axeman, who prowled the city of the early 1900s; the days of pirates and Jean Lafitte; the lavish bordellos of Storyville; the days of duels and death; and much more! From the days of the "casket girls" to the arrival of the Mafia in the Crescent City, author Troy Taylor uncovers New Orleans' early wicked days and historic crimes! $14.00 
On this leg of the journey you’ll explore the scariest spots in the Lone Star State. Author April Slaughter visits thirty haunted places, all of which are open to the public – so you can test your own ghosthunting skills, if you dare. Join April as she explores each site, snooping around eerie rooms and dark corners, talking to people who swear to their paranormal experiences, and giving you a first-hand account. Enjoy Ghosthunting Texas from the safety of your armchair or hit the road using the maps, “Haunted Places” travel guide, and “Ghostly Resources.” You’ll also find a list of 20 more great ghostly spots to visit. Buckle up and get ready for the spookiest ride of your life.
During the first half of the twentieth century, the Peoria State Hospital was the premiere mental health facility of its day. Dr. George Zeller instituted the eight-hour workday for his staff, removed patient restraints, and made the asylum into a model for the care of the mentally ill. Today, there are only a few buildings of the hospital left. Some of them are still in use, others are inhabited only by ghosts. Our guide to these ghosts -- and the history they represent -- is Sylvia Shults. In Fractured Spirits: Hauntings at the Peoria State Hospital, she brings a passion for paranormal investigation to her adventures at this haunted hotspot. The spirits come to life once more as Shults explores their former home. Other voices help her tell the story: this is a collection of people's experiences at the Peoria State Hospital. Ghost hunting groups, sensitives, former nurses, and ordinary people share their stories with us, their voices resonating to create a panoramic view to rival the vista of the Illinois River. To visit the remaining buildings of the Peoria State Hospital today is to visit a small piece of history. A ghost story over a hundred years in the making, Fractured Spirits is narrative nonfiction at its finest. $14.99 
There are all kinds of bumps in the night to be found along the Illinois River. The river has seen centuries of history come and go, and has witnessed its share of mystery and dark deeds. Sylvia Shults is your guide on a trip down the longest river in Illinois. Come and meet the GHOSTS OF THE ILLINOIS RIVER. From ghosts stories of phantom riverboats to strange tales of Abraham Lincoln, this is a unique book about a largely unknown part of Illinois' supernatural sites. $9.95