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Disconnected from Death
The Evolution of Funerary Customs & The Unmasking of Death in America
By April Slaughter & Troy Taylor

Weird Highway: Oklahoma
Route 66 History & Hauntings, Legends & Lore by Troy Taylo

And the Dead Knocked: The Rise of the Spirit World & Birth of the Modern Ghost Hunter by Troy Taylor

Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Suffer the Children
American Horror, Tragedy and Hauntings by Troy Taylor
Dead Men Do Tell Tales: River Ran Red -- Murder, Mayhem & Mystery Along the Bloody Mississippi by Troy Taylor

Dead Men Do Tell Tales: No Man Knows My Grave --
Murder, Mayhem & Ghosts in the Caribbean by Troy Taylor

Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Axman's Mysterious Jazz
The True Story of the Boogeyman of New Orleans by Troy Taylor

Rock Star Ghost Stories
Supernatural Encounters with Icons of Rock-n-Roll by April Slaughter

History & Hauntings of Central Illinois
More than Two Decades in Search of ghosts in the Haunted Heart of Illinois!

Troy Taylor
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April Slaughter
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